The color in November 

It’s got cold in November. But yesterday was a beautiful day.          I enjoyed watching and taking photos of the tiny flowers around here. It’s getting decreased and fading out soon.


The color in November 」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ⛅
    Today is cold😱
    Cosmos is cute😆
    A lot of y zinnia bloom my garden
    Rose in my garden bloom rose of four seasons sort
    Those are a few roses
    Pink- white- red so vivid differ from spring rose
    I can enjoy for a while🌹🌻


  2. Sorry my garden’rose is not english rose
    All modern rose
    Made in German-USA- France and Japan
    I have english rose one🌹
    It’s good fragrance
    Yellow color change for orange color
    It’s name lady emma hamilton
    Gone with the wind
    Scarlett ‘s first husband
    He’s name is Hamilton❗



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