Paper Eco bag

I was given some paper Eco bags made by the paper using just glue. Each of them are very colorful and fancy not like using the paper.

I learned how to make it and tried to do by myself. Then I made some paper bags and feel like a ecological and economical activist.


Paper Eco bag」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning!
    These bags are very good!😍 This is perhaps, Are you using a English newspaper?📰 Ecological and economical and enjoyable.🎉🎊🌏

    New semester from today.😃💬😅 Also thank you.(^人^)


  2. Good morning ☀
    You are quick and besides original design👜💼👝
    I would like to make it
    But I don’t think of good design
    Don’t hurry slowly
    Iam going to make it🐶



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