Toyama tourism

Toyama prefecture advertises Toyama Tourism at the antenna shop in Nihonbashi.

There are 33 attractions for visitors, good nature, food and playful area in Toyama.

Of course we know most about it but seems very expensive and luxury because for tourists. We’re very happy to take them economically in daily life.

Toyama tourism


Toyama tourism」への5件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    It’s good❗
    I knew a lotof place🍴🍶🍡🌷🌛
    So TOYAMA people are poor tourism
    「Nan mo naicha」
    They say it often
    But TOYAMA has good nature food industry etc.
    I had conversation with travelling club members yesterday

    We had to find out what TOYAMAs attraction
    Look forward to it😝(*^-^)/\(*^-^*)/\(^-^*)



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