The crow walking

Yesterday when  I was walking my dog, saw a crow walking in the center of the street about 10m ahead of me. We were coming to approach but the crow was never away, instead it turned to 90 direction facing to the river side and stopped. I saw it finally avoided us and waited for our passing through. I never scared it and talked to it “hello”.

A few second later when I turned to see behind, I saw the crow walking in the center of the street again. Its funny walking was never seen so beautiful but reminded me of the famous comedian Chaplin’s walking. 

We never see wild stray dogs on the street and crows can survive both in the sky and on the street.

I think they might survive after human being.


The crow walking」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    Chaplins walking,,,If other bird I think beautiful and cute✨
    Recently crow is nervy
    I here cockroach don’t extinct long ago
    Crow join it




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