How to stop hiccup 

Do you get hiccup?  I remember I got it a few months ago when I ate something cold and too much. I tried to breathe deeply or drank water a little by little but I couldn’t stop it immediately. It was hard time then.

This may be useful as long as I remember next time when I get hiccup.

How to stop hiccup


How to stop hiccup 」への10件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☀
    Are you tired,?
    I drink water with hold my nose👃them cup 4direction in turn for example N- E- S- W
    It’s my「OMAJINAI」
    An effective for me😉


  2. I’m sorry I made a mistake. The upper expression” I have any other good topics today.” was wrong but I wanted to say ” I have nothing good topics or I don’t have any other good topics today.” Sorry to have made you confused😲


  3. All right
    My English ability can’t judge forexample AorB
    I read with feeling because I misunderstood often




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