The magical number

It’s reported about the number when we choose from those we want to buy. When I go shopping and buy something wear I choose one of them from its size, design, texture, color and so on. So we can judge in different aspects and decide. So it should be needed many different items when we choose from them. But it says there is a magical number when people would choose.

The magical number to choose


The magical number」への7件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☀🌀
    Today is windy
    I often shop on the FAVORE
    I went shopping at other supper market
    But I decided FAVORE
    Because it lives near my house and I can bought basic needs
    I love selecting one from a lot of products
    For example jam🍒🍌🍎🍏🍍🍊🍓🍉🍅🍑🍇
    One year 24
    Two year 48
    Who I am Happy



  2. Good morning☀️🌀
    I am surprised at majical number. The”7” is happy number for us 😄🎀💕
    I can not choose is the stress! My favorite thing I know. ✌️
    But I can get lost when the Sale.😅
    Why…?! 😱😝😁😆😈


  3. I make up for lost money by my mistake
    Failure things I never bought again It’s a bit of expensive as tuition
    But I try new things is favorite with myself
    I am hasty person😝




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