Typhoon attack 

It finally landed in mainland of Japan today. The route was unpredictable and very rare case this time. It landed delay what I expected but still very dangerous in the north east Japan.

We’re very worried for the harvests in fall, rice, grapes, apples and fall vegetables. But more cautious about lives in there. We can’t but pray for the safety of the people.

Typhoon 10 attacks


Typhoon attack 」への7件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☔🌀
    I remember 「ISEWAN」typhoon
    I lived in NAGOYA
    Rainstorm- power failure- cutoff of the water supply – breaken windows wpane
    I was afraid of the typhoon

    But I married after that I lived in TOYAMA
    I don’t afraid of the typhoon
    I am afraid rather phenomeno🚒


    1. Oh…you remember like a bad dream when you were a little girl. When I was small I was really afraid of storm and the sound of blowing more than thunder storm …I don’t know why. But recently I’m not so afraid of bad weather but human disasters. We should be afraid of man made disasters!


  2. That’s right😊
    We can’t avoiding to a natural disaster
    But We can avoiding to man made disaster
    Effect- wisdom- considerate of the people
    It’s eas🉑⁉


  3. Hello
    Now, whether the typhoon is what state?
    I pray that it is not a big damage in the north east Japan.
    Begone typhoon !🌀🌊💨




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