The beginning of autumn

It’s a cool morning following as yesterday. I feel like summer is leaving. So to speak, it was the first day of fall yesterday. It’s really on aschedule, isn’t it?

Walking in the evening last night, it was very comfortable. No clouds,  cool breeze and a half moon high in the sky. I felt like walking on a trip somewhere in the other country.


The beginning of autumn」への10件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☁☀
    You said it
    TOYAMAcastle is beautiful and stately
    I heard some insects chirp in my garden last night
    Autumn come here soon
    I hope so
    By the way
    Tomato pickles eat,,,
    I said again
    Thank you 😆
    Lucy and jennifer


  2. Hello🍅
    I misunderstood
    Sugar tomato isn’t product name
    Sugar sprinkle on tomato
    It’s easy and sweet
    But increase appetite
    I don’t need
    I am glutton



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