Tomato pickles

As Lucy introduced before I tried to make “Tomato pickles” yesterday. First I just put tomatoes which washed clean and dried into sweet vinegar in a the clean bottle and kept in the refrigerator. Whoops! I failed to peel the skin of tomatoes.

I put them out and into boiled water to peel them. I soaked them into vinegar bottle again. 

I can taste it after 20 hours. It’s so sweet and fresh sour! It’s like  healthy desserts.

Thank you Lucy for the good recipe. I hope every one can try it easily.


Tomato pickles」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁
    We had a welcome rain yesterday
    Tomato pickles is beautif
    I want to make a tomato pickles(^o^)/
    Lucy and jennifer
    Thank you😆


  2. Good morning ⛅️
    Thank you to try immediately. 😊 🍅✌️
    This is a simple cooking of hot smmer.
    I have to ‘TUMAMIGUI’ every day😋 I want you to tell me another summer recipes!


      1. You can enjoy early in the morning and at night much cooler than day time. I’m more active early and late…during day time lazy ( ̄(工) ̄)



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