Intestinal bacteria and brain

It’s a new study that Intestinal bacteria effects brain. So taking fermented food such as yogurt, natto or kouji and so on are very beneficial for our daily life.

So to speak “Mental health from gut”.

Intestinal bacteria and brain


Intestinal bacteria and brain」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    I like yogurt
    I eat everyday because its good🍏
    But Idon’t like natto
    Its bad smell!
    The MISO contains kouji
    Ofcourse I like MISO soup
    Actually I usually have bred
    for breakfast
    MISOSOUP is cast for supper🍜


  2. I heard a good news.
    I make Caspian Sea yogurt. I eat yogurt and miso soup everyday .
    by the way,I bought a book of ” The fall of Freddie the leaf”
    I read it in Japanese.
    I’m not confident to read a long writing in English.
    But I want to read it a little during summer.



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