Egg toast for breakfast

I don’t eat so much for breakfast. Hot water, yogurt or serial with some fruits and coffee. Sometimes I eat bread with cream cheese or jam on the weekend. 

This is somehow easy all-put-on open sand toast, which takes 10 more minutes by oven.

I tried it but 250C for 10 minutes was a bit burnt. You should do it 200C more 10 minutes.

Toast by oven
Mine was topping with cream cheese and Genovese sauce.


Egg toast for breakfast」への6件のフィードバック

  1. So sweet🍴
    I’m late
    My young brother and his wife came n myhouse
    From NAGOYA city
    Todays breakfirst Japanese stail
    Your toast like good👍


  2. It looks good! You have good idea for cooking.
    I always eat rice and miso soup for breakfast. But I eat bread on sundey.
    Next sunday I want to make egg toast.
    When my garden’s basil grow big,I want to make Genovese sauce this year.



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