Lavender purple 

It’s now full bloom in purple of lavender in my garden. It’s reported it’ll be rainy after Saturday night so I picked up a bunch of flower. I’m planning to dry and make into potpourri. I also picked up mint leaves and dry to make into perfume sachet.



Lavender purple 」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Goodmorning
    Lavender has a good smell
    My garden has a pink lavender
    Its small and beautiful
    By the way
    My daughter and her hasband came over to my house yesterday
    I had a long talked with my daughter about TAKARAZUKA
    She is crazy about RYU
    MASAKI is the top of moon group
    She was going to play the part of SCARLETT OHARA
    TODOROKI YU is my favorite actress
    MASAKIand YU were play「Gone with the windd」

    They performed WANDERFULLY

    My daughter and me go to bed around 4
    I slept 2houses


  2. Goodmorning.
    I write comment after a long time.
    I think so to pick lavender before it’ll be rainy.
    My garden’s lavender already finish blooming. Now,it is dryed.
    But,it make me happy to touch lavender.
    I make sachet every year, like you. I want to show you it,if I make it.



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