Funny face

It was a very good day to walk around the town. I had lunch in the park drinking, eating and chatting under the green and the blue world.

When I took some photos of flowers and reviewed them, found a funny face talking to and appealing something. I think it like a monkey face but their fancy looks made me smile and happy.

It’s a good conversation with nature. I feel it very precious for me.


Funny face」への8件のフィードバック

  1. It is wonder that flower looks like a monkey face.
    I don’t seem as the monkey face.
    If I change a viewpoint, I can look like the monkey face.
    It’s funny.


    1. So they really have their identity and appeal their proof of life….I thought it ” every creature has each life and precious time. So we shouldn’t judge or rob of the life time.


  2. Good morning.
    The feeling of a good season.
    I also, it looks like flowers are talking .
    I sometimes say ”Thank you.”for comfortable wind and beautiful setting sun.



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