The power of seeds

The seeds of leaf vegetable which I planted a week ago sprout out in the morning sunshine today.

I wonder how powerful in the tiny young plants to come out from the soil.

I feel like a mother of them taking care of the baby plants.

Hope they will grow well and healthy.


The power of seeds」への16件のフィードバック

  1. This leaf vegetable is sprout of basil seeds which you planted a week ago, isn’t it?
    They are a very beautiful pale green, aren’t them?
    I also hope they will grow well and healthy, and then you will be able to harvest them.

    By the way, I sent comment to the “jugemu” site, too yesterday.
    I will send the same comment to new page on “WordPress” today. Thank for your efforts.


  2. I like one of my hobby is gardening. I plant 80 kinds of flower for 10 years. I heal there that bring with power.
    But, l hate 草むしり(⌒-⌒; )
    Recently, l ‘m tired…….



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