Seeing floaters in my eye

It’s been a while since I saw something black dots are floating in my left eye. I didn’t notice nor care about those sometimes appear or disappear.

But I frequently see them recently only in my  left eye. So I immediately went to see oculist and got examination in my eyes. The doctor said no problem in my left eye just for aging one, so he added ” You’d better accept it and get along with the aging result.”

I sigh to myself that I should be relieved or not. Anyway I’m going to walk in the senior life as easy as possible.


Seeing floaters in my eye」への3件のフィードバック

  1. If the black dots appear in the field of view, there is a risk of retinal detachment leading to blindness.
    But, I think that there is no worry because it is determined that no abnormality was examined in ophthalmology clinic.
    I think it perfectly natural that the various phenomena come out to the body when getting old. It is called aging phenomenon.
    Various aging processes occur also to me, but I should go out with those and will live my senior life as comfortably as possible, too.

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