What’s color in spring?

M; What color do you think in spring?

F; What’s color in spring?

Well….after winter from gray and snow white getting colorful such as blue sky, cherry pink and yellow green.

M; Yeah….that’s what I think!

F; We’ve already finished cherry pink and will be having deeper and stronger.

M; From spring to early summer…

I also like sunlight filtering through trees.

F; What’s the color?

M; Hmmm…it’s gold in the green.

F; Wow…it’s gorgeous.

M; Yeah…I think sunlight makes things vivid and renewed.

What’s color in spring?


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  1. Good morning☁🌀
    M:I put on spring color👗

    Which clothe is one?

    M:coot is peel😆

    F:Black is peel😆???

    M:Beige is bamboo shoot.
    Say, It’s spring color💕

    Your spring color is food one😍😆😄


  2. F: What color do you think in spring?
    W: What’s color in spring? Well….the pink of cherry blossoms and green of young leaves are commonplace answers, aren’t them?
    F: That’s right. I also think so. Are you anything else?
    W: If changing point of view, I think it is black and white.
    F: Why? I can’t understand it.
    W:In the spring, new students or new employees will go to school or company wearing a black and white costume. I am watching their going to school or commuting to company when my every morning walking, so I am feeling a spring visit to their appearance.
    F: Oh, your answer is very unique, isn’t it?


  3. My spring color is colorful. But today it is gray.

    By the way,
    My mother was living with me during winter. But my mother returned to her house becouse spring come.
    Today, The controll staff came to my mother’s house for check the system of safety over which my mother useing.
    So I was at my mother’s house.




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