2L water a day

M; How much water or beverage do you take a day?

F; I don’t know exactly but 6~7 cups of coffee or tea including Japanese tea. May be at least 1.5L of beverage a day.

M; I think it good and standard number.

F; Yup….in addition, I drink another cup of soup and a glass of water on occasion.

M; I’ve heard that you should take more than 2L of water. So I tried to drink water more often before. But it wasn’t good for me so I gave up easily.

F; I understand it well. When it’s cold you can’t drink cold water but better hot water.

M; When in summer we can drink much water instead because of sweat.

F; Our body is balanced in natural environment. When in need you should take water properly.

M; It’s good to hear how much dry your body is.

2L water a day


2L water a day」への3件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    M:How much water do you drink a day?
    F:I take about 300ml
    Umm…coffee, tea, soup and juce…about1L.
    How do you ask that?
    M:I take water 0.5L a day.
    The other coffee,tea,soup …about1.5L
    F:How much you drink❗
    M:my body love water, I drink those when my body want it.☕🍵🍹
    F:yes,me too💕
    M:today is good day💕
    Let’s go cafe☕🍹
    F: Oky.😆😄😠


  2. Every summer, in Toyama City, a “water drinking movement” campaign is held for the elderly in order to maintain health or prevent heatstroke by recommending 1.5 liters of hydration every day. I am also doing about 2 liters or more of hydration every day in summer according to this movement. But, in winter I am having hydration almost only half of the summer.
    I also think that daily amount of water supply isn’t uniform, but should be the amount that the body wants naturally.


  3. F: Do you take a lot of water in a day?
    M: Hmm, I don’t drink so much water.
    F: It seems that it’s not good if you drink too much water.
    M: I see, It do everything in moderation.
    By the way, as the climate became warmer, I saw some people running and cycling.
    F: I must also train my body.
    M: That exactly what please do it in moderation.




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