Lily smile

When I saw buds in the morning yesterday.

I found they began “break into smile” at once in the evening. 


Lily smile」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    Lily flowers are beautiful and gorgeous💕🎶💐🎉
    My garden’s lily is bloom over.
    They don’t forget to bloom.
    We get happy 💕 from flowers🌹🌼🌻
    But Kyushu area,hard rain.
    I wish There safely, I pray only.


    1. Flowers bloom…even after the heavy disasters. I also wish calm and happy days come back again to them who had been divested by the heavy rain.


  2. Good morning, pretty ️ ️. Also in my garden, hydrangea, gladiolus, hibiscus, and mountain grass have come into bloom one after another. I feel happy too.🌸



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