The trick

The dog escaped from the cage jumping out and back to there when the owner comes back. It’s so tricky but too clever!

I can’t help laughing at it.

The trick


The trick」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☁
    The dog is very cute💓💗
    For now that dog is He.
    He has free time,he is happy💕🐶
    But owner comes back,he was wagging him tail just like he feel lonely.
    He is the best actor(dog)❗🎩
    I really have a good time from morning😁😄❤💗🌹🌼😆😍
    Thank you 💕💓💗


    1. Maybe they’re female can’t jump well as he or they have no idea to escape from the cage. They know well about his bad manner, don’t they?



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