A companion on walking

A few days ago when I walked my dog in the afternoon around 3 o’clock it was a little chilly likely to rain I heard the voice of the beautiful singing. It was a Japanese bush warbler in the residential area in the town. There were tall trees in the garden so it couldn’t be seen in the bush. 

I tried to make whistle like the bush warbler. ” who…whicle ” I could make sound like after him. As always he replied back to me. I’m good at imitating whistles.

I enjoyed playing my whistles back until taking away from him.  As I doing it I felt a little guilty because he might be looking for a mate. I didn’t want to make him confused by my fake noise. Anyway I was happy to hear the voice of the nature in spring in my neighborhood.

It’ll make you very comfortable to hear the song. I copy the link of the song below.

Japanese bush warbler


A companion on walking」への8件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☁
    I thought a bush warbler ‘s green long time ago.🐦
    That color is subdued for him, but voice is beautiful❗❗
    I sometimes imitate his voice too.
    By the way I order kimono (my idea pattern, It painted)
    It was dyeed today😆👕
    I’m going to looking it with friends this afternoon.
    I’m so pleasure.
    ( ☆∀☆)( v^-゜)♪(*´∀`)


  2. Good evening🙋💕
    Do you have a dog??🐶🐾
    I like animals❤❤
    But I don’t have…😞
    I like cat the most😻💕
    I often go to the zoo!!
    They have very kind hearts🐑
    Please have a good rest😴
    Good night🌛


    1. Thank you for the night comment before going to bed. I used to have a cat when I was young and kept a dog when my daughter had been eager to have it. Ever since I’ve got to be a dog person from a cat one. Now I have a 14-year-old miniature dachshund dog.




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