The Boss Baby

I’m sorry I can’t find any information about ” The Boss Baaby ” in Japan. It doesn’t seem to appear captioned in Japanese. I think the sense of humor of Japan is much different from the western’s. We take it for granted that babies are so weak, tiny, innocent and pure that no one can imagine that black humor.

The Boss Baby


The Boss Baby」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☁
    I like this anime.👦
    It’s funny.
    It’s like 「Tom and Jelly」🐱🐭
    I sometimes felt Tom was pity.
    I’m Japanese after all , so 「Hougan biiki」…
    Under Cat charm ……


  2. Good evening🌛💕
    I’m working now!!
    My work finish at 1:00 am!!
    It’s so late😭
    But I will study English after work😄😄
    Because I like to study English❤❤
    I also like “Tom and Jerry”!!
    See you again!
    Good night…🌛💕



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