What’s “dry course”?

Do you know “dry mark” on the tag of the clothes?

It means for ” you can do it by dry clean “. What’s “dry clean”?

It means without water at the laundry service. I’ve not used the service so often recently because I can wash by myself and only wear which I can wash at home. I notice that laundry mashines have “dry course”. It makes like washing by hand softly not “dry clean”.

So I can use to wash winter clothes by “dry course” at home.

What’s dry clean?
What’s dry course?


What’s “dry course”?」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☀
    I washed clothes soon take of it.👚👗
    So I don’t use 「dry course」
    Iwashed it with my hands✋
    Because 「chachatt arai」😁
    I will use 「dry course」 so I’m going out many times.





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