New theory

Have you got appendicitis? 

We were told that appendix is useless and easy to remove. There were people who operated to remove appendix before going climbing mountains where can’t be got any operation. 

But this time a new theory comes out that appendix and cecum are very important to cover the healthy control such as anti-virus. It’s so amazing. So that comes to there’s no useless in our body.

New theory


New theory」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☔
    I agree new theory.
    I thought human’s body make a sheet of skin, so never cut but bad condition.
    And human’s body don’t have useless .these idea, from my children age so Idon’t want cut tonsillitis.
    I have tonsil and appendix.
    ( ☆∀☆)( v^-゜)♪(*´ω`*)



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