It’s time to plant tulip

I watched tv last night and there was a very beautiful garden with a lot of beautiful flowers and blossoms. It seems like familiar in Japan. The navigator of the film introduced Japanese weeping cherry and Dutch tulips. Now is the time to plant tulips. But I wonder both cherry blossoms and tulips need to cross over cold winter so where it is… Can you guess where it is in Australia?

I’ll show you later.

The answer is here

It’s time to plant tulip


It’s time to plant tulip」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    How beautiful flowers🌸🌷
    I guess it is Cowra?
    I don’t go to Australia yet.
    I don’t know for Australia.
    Your blog teach everything for me.
    Thank you💕💓💗
    Have a good time😍


    1. Hmmm…you know the town which I never know. It’s in the Central West region of New South Wales. But it’s not there of that garden.


  2. Good morning ☀
    Sorry😅😓I can’t comment in today’sblog (Sunday)
    I used yesterday blog .
    The picture on video is very beautiful❗❗
    It’s very grand from sky✈
    I can’t guess from 20years ago so beautiful park now
    Maybe you come home today?
    Please take care yourself.(*・∀・*)ノ(^o^)/~~



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