It’s getting cooler and cooler here and the highest temperature is not until 30C any more. Somehow it’s the best season outdoor and going on a hike here.

We went to the country side Vine famous for Winery, nuts factory, coffee or chocolate shops. Kayava Koffee was like an exotic ancient Arabian cafe style and serving free tasting a lot of coffee.

We had lunch next to Kayava Koffee viewing outside on a picnic.


Vines 」への10件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☀
    Aha, Jace and his mother’s picture👦👱
    Uh-uh not mother, you and Jace❗
    Nice winery, good food and place and free tasting a lot of coffee.
    Aha It’s good❗
    I’m going to winery in Himi tomorrow.
    Have a good time with each other.



  2. Good morning. I am in the train heading to Osaka now. I also want to go to that place. Coffee and chocolate look delicious. Both Jayce and you are a wonderful smile.☕️🍿


    1. Indeed…it’s sometimes hard for me to treat the big one because he’s too spoiled mummy baby not favor of grandmother 👵🏻…(〃ω〃)


  3. Good morning☀
    A wedding with horse🐴so I can’t think it ❗
    Beautiful bride put on boot, It’s unique 👢
    You are passing very happily for every day😍😆😄
    I’m sorry😅😓I can’t comment in today’s I used yesterday blog.




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