Cats learning

It’s very touched like a short movie for 4mitutes 20seconds. But it’s a commercial film of “U-Nyan”. The main cats are learning by correspondence education secretly how to make their mom smile who missed her husband. They’re trying to encourage her at their best doing “secret learning”.

It makes me smile with tears.🐾

Cats learng


Cats learning」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁
    Cats very cute🐱💕🐱
    Grandmother had happy look last scene👵
    My eyes dropped tear.
    It’s a heartwarming story💕💗💚💛💜💝❤
    「You can」is 「you(re Cats )can」



    1. Yes…I can’t stop tears every time I watch this video….I feel like happy because pure decent heart hit others as well. We can live for others happiness.❤️



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