Astro boy 

Astro boy which is an animation hero “ATOM” apears to be an AI robot. You can make it up at home and communicate with it as a member of your family. But it doesn’t have a strong power as 100 thousand horse power nor fly in the sky. It can work in the network like a mobile phone. We are accustomed to communicate in the  social network so ATOM will be seen each home near the future.

Astro boy


Astro boy 」への8件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning. It is snowing outside. I want Atom. It is better than the previous prefectural university robot, Masaru-kun. It seems to be a better talker than Siri. I can hardly wait for the release date.


  2. Good morning ❄❄
    I like Atom because he is human.
    Another Robert「Tetujin28go」
    It’s move remote control, so turn champion of justice or bad person follower.
    If I can’t move, walk, but I can speak
    I will buy 「Atom」 and two of us will 「Manzai」
    Of course 「boke」 is Atom so his 「thukomi」 is 50ten thousand hp, I can’t bear it.(~▽~@)♪♪♪(^◇^)(^O^)



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