It’s February 22 today is for Cats’ Day. Someone called it for the play on words 222 like cats meow.

It seems very funny for the day but only in Japan.

Cats’ day



  1. Good morning. Today is a cat’s day. It was featured at just alarming TV. It seems that a lot of cat goods are sold at Nippori station. Cat cake, donut, bag etc. I would like to come to Tokyo if I go to Tokyo.


  2. Good morning☀
    Favor holds Cats day every month.
    Cat’s baby is very cute🐱💕
    But I like dog better than Cat.🐶💕


    1. Of course you do because of Nana🐶 I used to have a cat 🐱 when I was small Mike, Romio, Chappy and charmy ….they are gone. My children like dogs and had Nao and Marrie. I always live with companies 🤗



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