Snow flower 

It was very cold with snow fall in the morning. But the sunshine and blue sky attempted me for a walk. Though it was frozen on the roadside and slippery I took careful steps in the shade.

There were beautiful snow flowers in early spring.


Snow flower 」への10件のフィードバック

  1. Today’s weather is cloudy and rainy. I am amazed by the daily weather change. It is a nice photo. I am healed by a beautiful landscape.


  2. Good morning ☔→❄
    It’s beautiful flowers❗❄
    You are an expert photographer❗😆😉📷📹📱
    I like snow view so actual world change another world.
    Now sleeping trees are blossoming of snow.
    Today is happy💕 day😍😆😄



    1. It’s very stormy and rain hard this morning. Snow flowers disappear and pink blossoms come out from my window across the river.🤗


  3. goood evening.
    Your photo is very beautiful.
    Blue, white and the pink contrast are splendid.
    The peach blossom was surprised at snow , but ther is beautiful.
    Tody’s snow melted early .
    I feel that spring come to there .



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