Stranded whales 

It’s very awful and shocking news that hundreds of whales stranded on the beach in New Zealand. The volunteers have been great effort to rescue the whales but mostly dead and returned back to the surface. It’s being the worst number of the stranded whales in the world.

Stranded whales
Japanese version


Stranded whales 」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning❄❄
    I watched its news on Tv.
    Human wall, they are great💝🌟🎉🎊
    But get rid of shark, can’t it?
    I think they need fundamental measures.
    Sorry I have no idea…..



  2. Hello. It is nice to have so many volunteers gather soon. I wish I could go back to the sea as many whales as possible. Volunteer a million years old.



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