Heal each other

It’s a lovely video with the two mates. They’re having a good time to heal each other. I like watching home pets are happy at home. It makes me heal, too.

Heal each other


Heal each other」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning.
    I understand well.
    When I was child, I had a dog, a cat, rabbits, chickens and a goat together.
    Everyone were good friends.


  2. Good morning. What a fantastic scene it is! I thought of a Tarzan movie. I can not keep it, but cute pictures are always healing.


  3. Good morning ☁
    Dogs and Cats , they are cute
    as alone.🐶🐱
    But both dogs and Cats very cute .
    My pet,Nana she can makes friend with Cats only at hospital.
    Maybe 「Same sick heal each other」




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