Life shift

It’s about “work and life”. 

As a life is getting to be longer about 100 years our life should be changed. After retirement from work we can work for something new. Making ourselves flexible and refreshed to try and challenge in the rest of life.

Life shift


Life shift」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☔
    I think 「life shift」 is good idea❕
    But I love Japanese style.
    Relief, Safety, Trust,
    Their are praised for
    「Made in Japan」
    Good evaluate is not only businessperson but also housewife.
    House wife is all around player❗
    But it is necessary to change.


  2. How do you know it,?
    Your eyes have X-ray ability,?
    In spite of hid 「S」 suit in the back of the closet you can find it❗❗❗
    I’m sure you are real
    Super woman💃🎉




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