Nature is a natural hospital

It’s so interesting report of the great nature in Ecuador. I’ve never seen such native forests nor abundant of species inhabitants.

I also got very shocked with the announcement that more than three thousands of soccer stadiums huge like forests are being destroyed every day along the Amazon riverside. It’s a very serious issue. 

I suspect the worst crime in the world is human greed which makes destruction of great nature and kills many lives to fulfill desire and eagerness.

Great nature is in danger


Nature is a natural hospital」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁☔❄
    I knew deforestation🌱🌿
    Foolish people destroy oneself😭😱😨
    I watched tv news so aliving creature lived in Mars
    The earth becomes like the Mars
    We have keeping relief and safety earth of duty for descendant 👦👧
    I should careful for beautiful earth🐶🐱🐘🐮🐑🐦🐧🐬🐜🐞🐝🐺🐴🐰🐒🐵🐼🐻


    1. One person is small and a little power but everything starts from the one. So we’ll never give up to stop the foolishness in the 🌎



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