No evidence but worth for or not?

It’s just a kind of “folk remedy” when you have stomatitis. It’s very annoying each time when you eat or drink something. 

It’s said cocoa powder is effective to reduce pain and remedy for stomatitis. But it’s no medical evidence so doctors don’t recommend it. 

Even so is it worth trying because the real doctor for the patient is you.

No evidence but…


No evidence but worth for or not?」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning.
    I caught the influenza on Wednesday. I’m absent today’s lesson, this year last… (*´-`)I’m sad…
    What a real disappointment!


    1. Oh…it’s a pity that you had a flue. Please take a good care of yourself and see you next year! Have a happy Christmas 🎄 and a happy New Year! Good luck will return to you! P.S. I proved what you taught me last week to clean the water gate by aluminum paper. Thanks for that😘


  2. Good morning☔
    My folk remedy is
    「Sleep so get well」
    By the way
    I love chocolate🍫
    I’m happy When I’m eat it , so I eat it every day😍😆😄
    I didn’t have 「koonaien」 ever
    But I sometimes bite my in mouth’s cheek,for gain flesh


    1. Oh…I see, you’re always getting good remedy by yourself. We have already both a doctor and a patient in ourselves, right? 😛


  3. Yes,thank you
    I heard my mother said「you have strong 疳の虫」
    My child age I’m not well but student age I’m well
    Ididn’t know the reason for it
    Good eat good laugh good chat
    It’s the secret of my health( ^-^)ノ∠※。.:*:・’°☆



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