Season of Freddie the leaf

It was a very beautiful morning so I walked to work feeling the late autumn.

The leaves are red, orange, brown, yellow and purple so colorful but having at the end of life.  We can see Freddie everywhere.


Presentation by the class and recitation by Yuko Suzuki are to be held on Wednesday tomorrow from 11:10 -12:00 at 501. You can join us if you like.  Thank you.

Fantastic video clip


Season of Freddie the leaf」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁
    Ms. Suzuki is
    I can’t recitation
    Freddi,,,I remember
    I read a novel
    「A drop of the great river」
    One people -one people
    Many peoples are made up the world
    We are like a drop of the great river
    I think 「junokuri」
    Me- children- grand children- great grand children,,,
    We should make efforts for earth is beautiful more than now so I think




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