Sushi academy

It’s very unique training school of Sushi master. The founder Makoto Fukue from Toyama prefecture had been consulting for the field of sushi restourants which are lack of successors who needs skills and management. 

His aim is now professional sushi master developing overseas where Japanese legacy and healthy food is being popular and awaited. His dream is having wings and traveling.

Sushi academy

Kanburia Kingdom


Sushi academy」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☁
    I couldn’t watch dooga for brightcove
    But I could know a brief sketch of his life from search 📱
    I watched tv 「What is it,?」 so fried sushi- broth sushi etc.
    Mr Fukue is great×👨🍣

    He introduced a genuine sushi


    1. Really? It’s not allowed to watch it….sorry for that. But I’m glad you know who he is. He is from Oyabe so very familiar to us. I’ll to try to show you another movie. Hold a minutes.



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