New taste

I first bought and tried to cook it last night.

As Mónika said it was good to fry with vegetable and meat in the pan. I also fried with burdock and okra in the sesame oil and put a little soy sauce and mirin soup.

It was a simple and perfect side menu.  It tastes like susutake bamboo shoot. I’d like to use it for various cooking.



Imformation from Mónika 

She’s going to have “Hungarian Herb Tea workshop ” at CiC “International festival 2016 “next month. She wants you to come and learn more about foreign culture and understand differences. The detail will be told by her next class.

International festival


New taste」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☀⛅
    I knew makomodake but I don’t eat it
    I like Susutake, very good taste
    I am going to try makomodake next chance
    So How taste is Hungurian herb tea,?
    I am interested in tea
    It’s pleasure❗


    1. It’s good to have interests and explore anything for you…you know our life time is limited to know all of the world and everything in the world. It’s good chance to have different experiences.



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