Hello blue frog

It’s reported about the different color from the usual one, blue frogs appear recently. It’s said it’s a mutation but they’re found easily by the enemies. So they are caught and eaten and can’t live long in the nature.

It’s very rare but I don’t know we should protect them against the nature.

Hello blue frog


Hello blue frog」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    I watched many Tree frog in my garden this year
    But blue frog does not there
    If I find it I am surprised and panic
    I can’t catch and protect
    I pray for frog live long


  2. Good morning.
    I was surprised with the blue frog.
    I want to see it once.
    The blue bird brings happiness.
    However, how about the blue frog?
    but they’re found easily by the enemies.
    I feel sorry for it.




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