Before the typhoon

It was very relieved that typhoon attacks were little as it turned extratropical cyclone.

I saw the red sky before the strong wind is approaching here. There were a flock of crows going back home high in the sky. It’s so calm after the typhoon.

Today’s quiz is a new type “building puzzle”. Have a read of instruction and try to solve one.


Before the typhoon」への7件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁
    Typhoon gone🌀
    Today is good day🍂🍁🎃
    But Iam not good at figure


  2. Good morning.
    There was a typoon damage in Hokuriku.
    I was riding ‘kagayaki’ last night.🚄🌀 It was stopped because of strong winds in the Kurobe station.😣🌀🌀 I never had a big disaster. So I thought that scary just this thing…


      1. It is a business trip.
        It is the training of only one day.
        In the back of Tokyo Station,we enjoyed a moment of beer and snacks.🍻🍗🍕😋 This moment is always fun!



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