Autumn arrangement 

It was very fine yesterday. I walked and found some ginkoes dropped under the tree. I picked the up and arranged into autum arranged in the kitchen. It’s really nice with dead leaves and season leaves. I enjoyed the color of autumn.

Today’s quiz is here.


Autumn arrangement 」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    It’s art🍁🍂
    I like a work of white dish😆
    Your fall is art 📷
    My fall is appetite🍄🌰
    I ate a lot of fresh bigfin reef squid yesterday
    Student,s father gave it to me(she came to see my house everyday)
    It’s fresh and delicious🎶💗
    So answer

      ×    5


    1. Yeah…it was my original dish art !
      I couldn’t eat it but felt happy to see them arranged beautifully. I was healed by natural color a lot!
      Your calculation is great! You can pass the Keioh junior high school entrance exam!👏



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