AI works extended

It’s so surprising that AI works in the creative field. It’s said AI is useful for the information or in the big data not in the creative works. Is it good or bad?  People should be more attentive to survive.

We might be worried if AI would take place of the position of workers, many jobless would increase. What will happen?

AI works extended


AI works extended」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☀
    I agree to AI work in all dangerous place
    Human need human nature
    Needless to say Ai isnot human
    AI is talking doll
    Human should squeeze whsdom by myself
    Crystal of sweet- tears- blood
    It’s wonderful for people
    I think s
    (@ ̄□ ̄@;)!!



  2. If I click the “AI works extended” of your blog, but
    I can’t find the relevant article.
    I wonder did you attach a wrong article?



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