The Typhoon 10 

It’s very worrisome about long staying and getting stronger of typhoon 10. I have to give up my trip because of the monster attack.

The east of Japan would be very uneasy of the tracking of the typhoon. I don’t want to be bothered by the natural disaster but it’s natural….we can’t help it.

The typhoon 10


The Typhoon 10 」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☀
    I regret to canceld trip😢
    But you said it🐶
    Safety first
    We are going to go to lunch🍴 in TOYAMA city tomorrow
    Be careful mysel


  2. Hello!
    Are you gave up the trip?
    That’s really too bad😫
    But coming season is good for trip !
    You will get a lot of chance.🚄🚗✈️


    1. Hmmm…I’ve never expected to cancel the trip when I had planned. But who knows what will happen. I think about many people devastated by the disaster. So my unluckiness doesn’t a big issue.



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