Abe Mario appeared

It was a closing ceremony of Rio Olympic yesterday. So many exciting plays and great works were held in there.

We’re expecting next in 4 years in Tokyo. The Olympic flag was handed to Yuriko Koike the governor of Tokyo, who wore a traditional Japanese kimono. It was very impressive.

And the more surprising, the prime minister Abe played the role of Mario and appeared at the stage of the closing ceremony. It was the amazing presentation to appeal Tokyo Olympic in 2020.

People in the world are also amazed at the sight of Abe Mario!

Abe Mario reputation from the world


Abe Mario appeared」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☀
    Ms. Koike was beautiful and cool❕
    Kimono suited her very well👘
    I love kimono
    I usually put on kimono for ceremony and dinner show
    「Zundoo」is perfectly well👘
    By the way
    ABE mrio good idea,💯🎉




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