Tropical summer night

It was really hot outside last two nights. Though the days were extremely hot I couldn’t go out and went out at night. Before yesterday I went by car and shopped. It was quick and in a short period of time. Last night I walked to shop. For 20 minutes’ walk made me sweat and tired.

It was thick clouds in the sky the warm air heat in the day time stayed at night. No stars can be seen. I really want rain shower.

Tropical summer night


Tropical summer night」への10件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀ ☀🌹
    I water the flowers every morning and evening
    My daughter came my house
    We usually watched DVD of TAKARAZUKA
    We watched 3DVD and TV Rio Olympic
    I sit up all night but my daughter sleep now
    I am going to sleep after lunch🍝🍰💤(-。-)y-゜゜゜


  2. Hello😊
    I also sweaty every day💦
    I take a shower as soon as the go home! I am looking forward to eat cold chilled tomato pickles every night 🍅😋
    Tomato is an effect in the care after-sun ☀️


      1. Tomato peel in hot water and marinate in vinegar ‘KANTANSU’ 🍅
        I am stock in the refrigerator and put into a clean bottle.



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