Tiny wild birds

I’ve often heard of the voice of high-toned and beautiful bird’s song at home around at noon when it’s getting hot.

I wonder what kind of bird is singing in such lovely voice. Several days after  I had heard it, finally found it a small body like a sparrow  and black and white body with a long tail. It’s been sometimes seen at the roadside walking very quickly but never have heard of its song.

I searched it on the Internet,            ” black and white small bird with a long tail”. It’s a kind of “Wagtail”. The one I saw might be a white wagtail spread all over the world not like the one of others, black or yellow. 

They’re surviving very strong.

Tiny wild birds


Tiny wild birds」への3件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☀
    I don’t see wagtail
    So a pair swallow came my house every year
    Three chicks left a nest This year
    Now sparrows came my garden and roof every day
    Three are more noisy than my voice
    But three are cute song




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