To protect deers 

It’s an amazing plan to protect deers which come down to the railways and hit by trains. 

Do you know why they come close to the railway? It’s because they need iron to supply. So they think it won’t stop even setting fences to avoid them. The deer gate to sensor the deer and the gate closes them only when the train crosses.

It’s a great ideal and gentl project to protect wild life.

Deer gate1
Deer gate2
Deer gate3


To protect deers 」への7件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☀
    Deers ware lick iron on there life
    But 「KINTETU」had ideal protect
    My heart 「ho kkori」


  2. Good morning 😄
    It is good gate to protect the deer.
    I remembered the Todai Temple of Nara.
    I surprised to herd of deer. They eyes was cute💓



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