To fulfill mind 

Have you heard of “mindfulness”? It’s useful to fulfill mind to encourage people to work and communicate. The CEO of Google adopted the way to fulfill mind by using Yoga. It helps to advance “inner net” in the mind. It makes mind concentrate and lead to succeed to the goal. I think it very important to image own goal by having inner net to reduce annoying but concentrate mind.

To fulfill mind


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  1. Good morning ☁
    I don’t know 「mindfulness」
    I think so carefuly「INNER NET」
    Igo to gimmastic classroom from 60generation every Friday
    Take my time


  2. “Inner Net” is a nice word.
    I feel that mindfulness ,meditation, and breathing techniques, have the power to get rid of stress.
    l practice ‘pranayama’ every morning.When l practice, l grateful to have won the time. That time will deepen.



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