Born to love you

It’s so amazing high school activity that they can hatch chick without a shell.

It was reported on the tv program earlier and just yesterday the different topic news show broadcasted about the high school club. 

The teacher and students have contributed to hatch chicks not only chickens’ but also queils’.

They broke egg shells and use wrap instead of shells so as transparently as possible to see their growth. 

I think it very good education for young people to learn how important and wonderful life is. I really respect for the high school and the teacher who leaded students so affectionate to raise life. I wish many people could learn from the native life and biological power. The activity is full of love and chicks are born by their great love.

Born to love you


Born to love you」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Goodmorning☀
    I’m sorry I’m late
    I weed a garden
    A Chick born from no shell
    Its great\(^^)/
    Moreover high school students are studying


  2. Hello!
    I am very surprised at this news.
    Our Japanese high school students is a great!

    Hmm… But, I like egg dishes. It is thanks to the food and life.



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