Colorful after the rain

After the rain it appeared fresh and lovely color in my eyes.

They’re growing and now on stage in their life.

I really feel very charmed by those natural beauty.


Colorful after the rain」への7件のフィードバック

  1. Goodmorning
    They are beautiful!
    Professional photographes
    Advised you to a golden rule
    Its rights
    Golden rule is wonderful!


  2. Sorry I made a mistake ” I’m afraid that they might be stolen by someone”. Or “I’m afraid that someone might steal..” Steal-stole-stolen, it changes correctly.


  3. They are beautiful and freshly.
    My gardenn’s blackberry,basil and tomato are freshly too after rain.
    The tomato grows up every day. I think I can eat tomatos soon.
    The plants like the rainy season. 



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