Green leaves

It’s rainy and cool from last night, this morning. I don’t have to water in the garden but go check plants how they are.

I don’t think they grow so well but slowly growing up. The basils born from seeds are now pretty green leaves spreading now in the shower.

May 11


Green leaves」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Goodmorning
    Basils green very vivid!
    Basilsource used cold pasta
    I imagine that to eat,,,
    Iam very Happy and Iam full


  2. Good morning!
    I also like basil.
    Sandwiching the basil paste and cheese in the sliced pork. And fried it put the tomato
    sauce is delicious like a Milanese cutlet.
    (but is the pork rather than beef…)

    🌻Bud of waiting had sunflower came out!
    I’m happy.



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